Oppila has created an open-source hardware platform, OWINOS to achieve the complete end-to-end open-source IoT solutions. OWINOS is flexible, secure, easy to prototype, scalable and multi-purpose platform for implementing complete end-to-end IoT solutions and smart products.

To ease the research and development/prototyping, we introduced OWINOS, a platform which has O-Mote & O-Router


OWINOS is ported in open-source IoT Operating Systems such as RIoT & Contiki and thus OWINOS has become powerful IoT platform. OWINOS is fully compatible with latest trending IoT protocols like MQTT, REST, 6LowPAN, CoAP.

OWINOS can be used in various Industrial and consumer applications, ranging from home control system to high end secure industrial applications.

“Sensors to Cloud” Setup in One Day

IoT public cloud

“Sensors to On-premise private Cloud”

End-to-end Open source solution

IoT Private cloud

With OWINOS, an end-to-end open-source IoT solutions can be established including on-premise private cloud, using MQTT client server, Kafka distributed streaming platform, mySQL database, Grafana visualization platform or using respective other platforms.