O-Mote is an open source, light weight and powerful development board with platform specific code, which is ported in open-source IoT operating systems such as Contiki & RIoT. O-Mote provides the most simple and effective way to connect embedded applications to the cloud. The most prominent feature of O-Mote is its ultra-low power implementation with high performance.

O-Mote is specially designed for IOT based applications with on board accelerometer, pressure sensor, LDR and can communicate with other connected Mote’s in the network and can form the mesh network. O-Mote is based on TI's CC2538 SoC (System on Chip), featuring an ARM Cortex-M3 running at 32 MHz and with 32 Kb of RAM and 512 Kb of FLASH. O-Mote can be powered through USB or through any other power sources.


  • Small form factor (size: 43mm x 34mm)
  • ARM Cortex-M3 with 512KB flash and 32KB RAM
  • On board sensors BMP180(Pressure sensor), ADXL345(Accelerometer) and LDR
  • 13 GPIO pinouts to interface digital & analog sensors and actuators
  • On-board PCB Antenna
  • On-board USB to UART bridge to flash over micro-USB connector
  • Micro USB for power and programming
  • Onboard JTAG connector for programming and Debugging
  • User and Reset switch
  • ISM 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 & Zigbee compliant
  • AES-128/256, SHA2 Hardware Encryption Engine
  • ECC-128/256, RSA Hardware Acceleration Engine for Secure Key Exchange
  • Wide input range 3.7-30V

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O-Router is an Ultra-Low power development board specially designed for IoT based applications, which is an open source routing device that forwards data packets between networks. This provides the most simple and effective way to connect group of nodes to cloud by establishing mesh network. O-Router is capable of IPv4/IPv6 routing, to create commercial and industrial IoT, by establishing the connection between the WSN node/mote to cloud.

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