Anadigm SINGLEAPEX 3.3volt Development Kit

The development board is supplied with one AN231E04 chip; you can use the board with AnadigmDesigner®2 software Version or later to implement designs for any dpASP or FPAA in the 3.3volt family.

The Anadigm SINGLEAPEX 3.3volt Development Kit includes,

· AN231K04-SING1 3.3volt Development Board

· CD  (includes AnadigmDesigner®2 EDA software, Application Notes, Board Documents, Datasheet – AN231E04)

· USB Cable

Features of this Development Board:

· Board footprint – 4.3 x 3.6 inches

· Versatile supply requirement – single supply +4 to +9V

· On-board regulated +3.3V supply

· On-board generated -3.3V supply

· Standard USB serial interface for downloading AnadigmDesigner®2 circuit files

· 32bit PIC32 with 80MHz clock, 512KB program memory, 32KB data memory, 16 x 10bit ADCs

· Simple 5 pin header for reprogramming of PIC32

· Option for 16MHz or 40MHz analog master clock

· 16 x 2 LCD display capable

· Breadboard area

· Access points to all relevant pins of the FPAA

· Input Rauch LP filters, easily configured with passive components

· Output LP filter buffers, easily configured with passive components

· DIP switches for easy connectivity between FPAA, input Rauch filters, and output buffers

· Ability to electrically isolate digital & analog sections

· Ability to store configurations in FLASH

· Ability to self configure with test circuit

· Reset button

Download AN231K04-SING1 3.3volt Development Board User Manual