The Anadigm development board is an easy-to-use platform designed to help you get started with implementing and testing your analog designs on the Anadigm FPAAs/dpASPs devices. Furthermore, with its microcontroller and analog FPAA device, it provides an extremely powerful platform on which to develop embedded systems.

At the heart of the development kit is a board that provides a simple mechanism for prototyping, evaluating, debugging, and initial testing of your circuit.

There are four products in the range, three for 3.3volt devices, and the other one for 5volt devices. These solutions have been built to meet the needs of professional developers in mind. Teamed with our amazing AnadigmDesigner®2 EDA software, you will be able to develop dynamically controlled Analog circuit solutions in minutes rather than days.

Each kit contains the following:

· Development board with dpASP or FPAA

· Standard USB serial interface for downloading AnadigmDesigner®2 circuit files

· Disk containing AnadigmDesigner2 software (online registration required)

· Option for 16MHz or 40MHz analog master clock

· 16 x 2 LCD display capable

· Breadboard area

· Ability to Dynamically Reconfigure the Circuits

· 32bit PIC32 with 80MHz clock, 512KB program memory, 32KB data memory, 16 x 10bit ADCs

For more information and full product features, select one of the following:

AN231K04-SING1 3.3volt Development Board Kit

AN231K04-DUAL2 TWO FPAA Development Board Kit

AN231K04-QUAD4 FOUR FPAA Development Board Kit

AN221K04-DVLP2 5volt Development Board Kit