Anadigm FPAA

Anadigm® FPAA

Field programmable analog arrays (FPAAs) from Anadigm® give you an analog equivalent to the FPGA, allowing you to design complex analog signal and processing functions into an integrated, drift-free, pre-tested device.

By using AnadigmDesigner2 EDA software, the designer can construct complex analog functions using configurable analog modules (CAMs) as building blocks. With easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, the design process can be measured in minutes allowing complete analog systems to be built rapidly, simulated immediately, and then downloaded to the FPAA chip for testing and validation.

Anadigm FPAAs provide the following features:

3.3 volt and 5 volt statically reconfigurable devices that share the same input/output structure as our dpASP range. These devices require a reset before loading a new configuration bit stream.

· Fully differential switched capacitor with analog switch fabric

· Drag and drop circuit design with AnadigmDesigner®2

o Configurable Analog Modules pre-package common analog functions

o AnadigmAssistant™ tools automate design of complex analog applications.

o Automatic C-code generation

o Automatic multiple-chip partitioning and schematic capture

· Bandwidth DC to 2 MHz

· Broadband SNR up to 90 dB

· Narrowband SNR up to 120 dB

· Single-ended to differential and differential converters built-in

· Built-in input/output features include chopper amplifier for low-offset signal and anti-aliasing/supporting filters

Since every application is different, we offer three Anadigm FPAA options, each with a distinct feature set.

· AN120E04

· AN121E04

· AN131E04