The AN231E04 dpASP Dynamically Reconfigurable Analog Signal Processor:

The AN231E04 is the exciting, market driven parent device for Anadigm’s 3rd generation solutions. The AN231E04 operates from a 3.3volt power supply, consumes less current yet has twice the signal bandwidth of its predecessor


· Dynamic reconfiguration

· Seven configurable I/O cells, two dedicated output cells

· Fully differential architecture

· I/O buffering with single ended to differential conversion

· Low input offset through chopper stabilized amplifiers

· 256 Byte Look-Up Table (LUT) for linearization and arbitrary signal generation

· Typical Signal Bandwidth:

o DC-2MHz (Bandwidth is CAM dependent)

· Signal to Noise Ratio:

o Broadband 90dB

o Narrowband (audio) 120dB

· Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 100dB

· User controlled Compensated low DC offset <250µV

· DC Offset via chopper stabilized architecture <50uV

· Package: 44-pin QFN (7x7x0.9mm)

o Lead pitch 0.5mm

· Supply voltage: 3.3V

Download AN231E04 dpASP Data Sheet

Download AN131/231E04 AnadigmApex User Manual