The AN131E04 Statically Reconfigurable Field Programmable Analog Array

The AN131E04 is our first statically programmable integrated circuit from the 3rd generation product line and it shares the same major new market driven features as its dynamically programmable parent. The AN131E04 operates from a 3.3volts power supply, consumes less current yet has twice the signal bandwidth of it predecessor.

The AN131E04 features:

Offset nulling, an internal routine initiated by a primary configuration auto-nulls all internal OpAmp’s reducing input offsets voltages from a few mill-volts to less than 250 micro-volts, the routine takes 70msec (assuming a 16MHz ACLK), Optionally this routing can be unset and not used, it can also be re-initiated at any time by simply re-configuring the device using its primary configurations.

Complex I/O cells employing an uncommitted differential Amplifier which can be accessed by the user and wired using external component to perform various function, eg, buffering, level shifting, filtering (Rauch topology) for either input or Output signals, alternatively this I/O cell can be used for sample and hold, gain, bypass wiring or digital I/O.

Size and power have been reduced dramatically, the device power consumption is typically 125mW and the device is packaged in a 7x7x0.85mm QFN package. (RoHS compliant).


The AN131E04 device is not held in stock, there is an MOQ of 75k pieces, for low volume and prototyping please use the AN231E04.

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