The AN220E04 and all 5volt (Vortex Family) FPAA's are now at the end of life.

For new designs please use the AN231E04 FPAA (dpASP).

The AN220E04 is the first member of Anadigm®’s second generation FPAA family – the Anadigmvortex family. Based on a fully differential switched-capacitor architecture, this new product family features higher bandwidth, improved total harmonic distortion (THD) and the ability to implement a host of advanced functions.

Using dynamic reconfiguration, you can manipulate the loop response of your design: change filter characteristics (even the order) in response to changing environmental conditions, page functions in and out in sync with MUX settings, or simply adjust coefficients. All this without interrupting the operation of the dpASP, and all under control of automatically-generated software which is deployed using the same simple "drag-and-drop" approach as the circuit design itself.


  • Dynamic reconfiguration
  • Fully differential architecture
  • Fully differential I/O buffering with options for single ended to differential conversion
  • Low input offset through chopper stabilized amplifiers
  • Built-in Successive Approximation Register (SAR)
  • Look-Up Table (LUT - 256 Byte) for linearization and arbitrary signal generation
  • 4:1 Input multiplexer
  • Typical Signal Bandwidth: DC-2MHz (Bandwidth is CAM dependent)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:
    • Broadband 80dB
    • Narrowband (audio) 100dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 80dB
  • DC offset <100µV
  • Package: 44-pin QFP, Lead pitch 0.8mm
  • Supply voltage: 5V 

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