The Anadigm SingleApex 3.3V Development Kit features:

  • 1 x AN231E04 dpASP, 32bit PIC32 with 80MHz clock, 512KB program memory, 32KB data memory, 16 x 10bit ADCs.
  • Access points to all relevant pins of each FPAA
  • Standard USB serial interface for downloading EDA software
  • Simple 5 pin header for reprogramming of PIC32 with Breadboard areas

  • Input Rauch LP filters & Output LP filter buffers, easily configured with passive components
  • DIP switches for easy connectivity between FPAAs, input Rauch filters, and output buffers
  • Ability to Dynamically reconfigure FPAAs
  • Ability to store configurations in FLASH, self configure with test circuit
  • All the required accessories to be supplied with the development kit.

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